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  • Generate A Bigger Audience

  • Online Interaction

  • Open Opportunities For New Revenue

  • Create More Excitement Around Product Releases

  • Real-Time Engagement

  • Increased Attendance



​Live video webcasting (livestreaming) is the most exciting thing on the internet today. Using social media allows anybody anywhere in the world to view your event, and engage. We can stream your event live around the world to your audiences, members or public, at the same time to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Instagram, Twitter, or your website. We can include titles, and logos as well. Our prices are very affordable* ! Just email for a quote!

Just a few of our clients are Rocketspace, GFWE, iContract, Seedrs, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants,  Innovate Finance, Citizens Assembly on Brexit, The Electoral Committee,  Team 2100, The Environment Agency, NIESR, The Democratic Alliance (South Africa`s opposition party), Make Vote Matters, Hogan Lovells, NHS, PABF, ETC Venues, London and Partners, PWC, The Backline music show, Duff Press, and many more..

We have a number of different filming and streaming setups to suite your budget so definitely get in touch and we will give you the best quote for your filming and streaming needs!

*. Price varies depending on length and needs

How much does a webcast (livestream) cost?

We wish we could give you a simple answer , however each event is different and each client is different, therefore for us to give you our best and lowest quote, it would be best go get in touch with us directly, and let us know what you want and we can give you the best quote we can for that.

Things to consider is the length of the event, do you want single camera or multiple cameras to make it more dynamic? Do you perhaps want it to be recorded and edited afterwards to provide sessions, speakers or highlights to your members/audience?

Get in touch and we will always work with your budget to get you the best option we can!

Thanks! Message sent.


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